3 Tips To Gaining Muscle (Men)

3 Tips To Gaining Muscle (Men)

We want to start you guys off on a light jog through this site then we’re going to move into  full on sprint down to a muscular body all the women falling over you as if you were a famous rapper.

Sounds like a road you wanna run down right?

  1. Work out each body part once a week – I know you probably looking at your phone or the screen like what the hell are they talking about once a week. I need to work out everyday if I want to pass the physical test. I want to let you know you can still pass the test and make the tryout but here’s why we suggest just working out each body part once a week. When you work out you breakdown muscle fibers and these fibers need time and amino acids found in protein to rebuild themselves. Repeating this, overtime will build your muscle to grow but keep in mind you will need to workout, rest, and eat protein.
  2. When exercising keep your muscle under tension – Ok what exact do we mean when we say keep your muscles under tension? Well when you’re lifting weights you don’t want to drop your arm completely. You want to do one at a time and go slow while stopping just before you drop your arm and bring it back up.
  3. Confuse your muscles – each different workout change it up never go in the gym doing the same thing every time. It’s boring and you will eventually hate it you’re human you need change. So first time go and bench press 10 lbs under your max, then go and drop set do 15 lbs then do 20 lbs.

We know this is a very short list of tips but we know how effective they are and if you apply these into your weekly workout you will start to see a dramatic change. If you’re looking for a workout plan click here.

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