Travel Trip For New Comer

Travel Trip For New Comer

The Journey

We want to set out a journey to take 22 new comers  on a journey to special place that we want to go to for everyone to workout together as a whole. We will be traveling via limousine. We want to make sure everyone will enjoy they’re trip even though this is just a bonus in the making. So we made sure to hire the best limo rental company we could find.

The company name is Hampton Roads Luxury Limos and they have been talked about quite a bit so we decided we will let them do the honors. In fact, they stated they have A1 chauffeurs and heard one of the best companies to get stretch limo rental from.

As much as we are super amp for the workout we want to make sure everyone is safe on our way there so this is why we are going through the extreme to make sure that happens.

On this trip even though we will travel 4 hours away, we want to make it have you drewling about it when you’re sleep at night. We want to make you want to relive it each year to come.

Once we get there they’re will be instructors that we have worked closely with for many years that have been under our belt.

This will be a weekend event so be sure to bring (4 outfits) change of clothes, and 2 workout outfits. Even though we will only be there for 2 days we ask that you bring 4 outfits because we will be doing a ton of physical exercise which causes for multiple showers throughout the day.

Also bring the basics such as toothbrush, soap, shampoo, deodorant, ect.

You get to sleep in a 4 start hotel that will be on the water its gorgeous and willing to travel for. This will be a HUGE milestone in your life far as working out. The things we will accomplish as a whole will be unremarkable.

There will only be 22 seats open so once we have them up for grabs get them FAST!!! On this trip beverages will be included but you must pay for your food & you must pay for your room at the hotel.

What To Look Forward To

I know you’re probably asking yourself, “what do I look forward to?”

Most importantly we want you to look forward to a nice get away with you being surrounded by like minded individuals such as yourself all striving to unlock levels of your self you never knew was there.

Look forward to coming back home a different person you was when you came.

Look forward to a more open awareness about how to approach your everyday life.

Look ahead knowing you’re about to find that drive you have in you that you might not have seen before or felt before.

That drive that keeps calling to let you know when you wanna stop push harder because you’ve come this far to only come this far.

Look forward to a new start, to a great accomplishment, and to have new accountable partners to work beside who will keep you going even when you don’t want to sometimes.

This is a time and place you want to be at. This will be the right place at the right time. The only thing stopping your from getting there is a decision to say I will be there.

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