The Workout Plan for 60 Days

The Workout Plan for 60 Days

The workout plan is for 60 total days but you will only workout for 29 days.

Lift yourself up because it’s time to get things rolling for March. What we are going to do is create a plan specifically for the runners and it’s going to be a plan to love that you may add into your ritual even after 60 days passes us by.

We wanted to make this a special one so what we did was test it ourselves to observe the improvement if you were to actually go out and do this for yourself.


We really mean that, this workout plan is highly recommended for all runners beginners and experts. We wanted to bring something to that table for EVERYONE, men, women, beginners, and experts. This workout plan for March will improve your running time.

March Workout Plan

Goal: Being able to run for a long period of time for beginners and cut down running time for experts.

Day 1 – March 2: This will be the rest day. We recommend preparing yourself for the month so on each rest day stretch out your muscles and as simple as it sounds get lost of rest on these days it really helps the muscles recover.

In between Days 1 and 2 there will be a 4 day wait. Why? Glad you ask because making sure you get your body prepped for this months workout is important so each day you will stretch and rest. Simple, right? Also on the days there are no workout stretch and rest. 

Day 2 – March 6:  You are going to have a 5 Min Warm Up walk to get the blood flowing and get the muscle ready. Run/Walk 1.5 Miles, slow (beginners) steady(experts), this should not be a flat out sprint. This is just to see how you feel after the run, getting use to distance and running. For experts pick up the pace a bit from a light jog to a moderate jog.

Day 3 – March 8: We will always begin with a 5 Min Warm Up walk. This day we will do an interval workout. We call it the 8×1 Min Steady. What you will do is run the fastest you can for 1 min leading into a recovery walk for 1 Min 30 Seconds (90 seconds). This workout will go on for exactly 20 Min making it a complete workout summary of 25 Min.

Day 4 – March 10: Again 5 Min Warm Up walk. Also we will lead back into the Run/Walk 1.5 Miles. Now this still shouldn’t be a “give it your all” workout just a moderate jog and for experts pick it up just a bit.

Day 5 – March 12: Start your workout off with a 5 Min Warm Up walk. For this workout what we have planned is a 45 Min Walk/Jog beginners you got this!! You’ve come to far to only come this far. Best way to tackle this workout is jog for 10 Min then walk for 5 Min do this only 3 times and you have completed todays workout. Piece of cake right? Then lets go out there and take out slice! Experts, jog it out your first 15 Min. Take a power walk for 5 Min followed by another 15 Min jog, then your second power walk for 5 Min and finish off strong with a moderate jog to the finish line.

Day 6 – March 14: On this day just like any other we will start with 5 Min Warm Up walk. Leading into another 1.5 Mile Run/Walk if you aren’t able to run your entire time by now shoot to run the mile and walk .5 Miles.

Day 7 – March 16: Starting point will be 5 Min Warm Up walk. Jumping into your next interval! Push yourself a little harder this time this will be the same as the first interval 8×1 Min Fast, 20 Min long and a rate of 60 seconds hard run and a slow walk for 90 seconds. Repeating for 8 times. You got this lets reach higher limits today!!

Day 8 – March 18: 5 Min Warm Up walk to start off the workout. Now we are heading into you’re forth 1.5 Mile Run/Walk, you wanna be increasing your time each time always try to perform better then you’ve done the last time. Remember to stretch well on your rest days.

Day 9 – March 20: As usual you should know by now we are starting out with a 5 Min Warm Up walk. Followed by a 45 Min brisk walk light job. Stay relaxed and keep in mind the goal of this workout is to stay active and get used to moving for a longer period of time.

Day 10 – March 22: Alright glad to see you’re still on a mission for higher performance levels. This day will be slightly different, we will still begin with a 5 Min Warm Up walk. Looking into a 2 Mile Run. That’s right no more walks its time to pick up your feet for a longer distance and keep it at a moderate pace.

Day 11 – March 24: How are you feeling from last workout? Great!! Glad to hear you’re doing good and remembering to stretch and rest. 5 Min Warm Up walk as normal by now this should be a habit for most it extremely important to do this 5 Min Warm Up walk. Today will be a switch in the interval we’re going to increase it to 10×1 Min Fast for a total of 25 Min. You’re going to perform 60 seconds giving it your all full out sprint with 90 seconds of light jogging.

Day 12 – March 26: Beginning with our ritual of 5 Min Warm Up walk & today will be another 2 Mile Run. Same as before just continuing to get increase intensity when possible.

Day 13 – March 28: Ready position. . . GO for a Warm Up walk for 5 Min. You’re looking more like a champ each day!! Again this is a light day defining a workout of 45 Min light jog and a quick walk.

Day 14 – March 30: What do we do before working out? That’s right 5 Min Warm Up walk. . On your marks get set GO!! 2 Mile Run GO GO GO (Steady pace). After this workout I want everyone who has made it this far to give themselves a pat on the back and feel good GREAT about yourself. For those who didn’t give yourselves a round of applause and redeem yourself throughout the rest of the workout plan.

Day 15 – April 1: Stay consistent!! You know what we do before these workouts: 5 Min Warm Up walk. This workout will be the same as the previous interval: 10×1 Min Fast. 60 Seconds hard running followed by 90 second slow jog for a total of 25 Min.

Day 16 – April 3: Look you already know what I’m about to say don’t you lol. Warm Up time!! Same as before, now we are picking it up to 2.5 Miles Run. By this time you should be able to run the entire distance. We are proud of you and you should be too, just two weeks ago you was only running 1.5 miles now your doing 2.5. You’re on a progressive track.

Day 17 – April 5: Everyday you’re getting stronger and reaching new levels. We will start off with the warm up. Going into a new interval 13×1 Min Fast, we want you to feel great about this!! You have come a long way. This interval consists of 60 seconds fast runs and 60 seconds walking. You will alternate between the two for 26 Min.

Day 18 – April 7: Look at you two steps ahead of us. You’ve got walking in with a warm up. Going into a 2.5 Mile Run. Remember your stretching and resting on what days? You’ve got it. Rest days!

Day 19 – April 9: Today is an increase day but never in the warm up time so walk into the workout with a warm up walk of 5 min. Now that you entered the workout zone this workout will be a 50 Min Walk/Jog. This is a light day so don’t over do it and make sure you can last the entire 50 Min.

Day 20 – April 11: By now you should be feeling great going through days breathing beautifully, having great confidence in yourself of the things you can accomplish. Starting positions. . . walk. . . 5 min. Soon as your timer buzz kick up the speed and run out the time for 2.5 Miles. 

Day 21 – April 13: Hey hey hey guess what we will be doing today? An interval! Right after we walk for 5 min. Now that we warmed up, this interval will be the same as the last 13×1 Min Fast for 26 Min you will run hard for 60 seconds then turn around and walk for 60 seconds.

Day 22 – April 15: We are on track to greatness! Start off with a warm up walk & run run run 2.5 Miles. Go! Go! Go!

Day 23 – April 17: The active but light day! We are going on a mission for 50 Min Walk/Jog. Don’t bring your beginner buddy on this one. You are no longer at that level! We must add . . . WARM UP!

Day 24 – April 19: Warm up those muscles stretch them out today we are going to run a 3 Mile Run. Oh yes you are more then prepared for this. You owe it to yourself lets get out there and run!

Day 25 – April 21: This one is going to be wonderful interval to really get your heart rate up and get you moving. Warm up for 5 min walking, then move into 90 seconds of hard running and 1 Min slow walking. Continue this for 30 Min you will feel great afterwards, this is what we call the 12×1.5 Min Fast. 

Day 26 – April 23: You may be noticing this is getting easier even though workouts are increasing. Today we will warm up and run 3 Miles. 

Day 27 – April 25: Wow look at how far you’ve made it 2 workout days left!! Lets finish strong, warm up position *Gun shooting in the air* Today we will do your last 50 Min Walk/Jog for the workout plan. Make sure you go easy to last the entire time.

Day 28 – April 27: WHAT! ONE DAY LEFT? Let’s start off warming up. Today will be a little different let’s go on a light 20 Min Run. Remember this is light, you don’t want it to be to light but you do want to break a good sweat.

Day 29 – April 29: YOU DID IT!!! You made it to the finals lol. Warm up! Warm Up! Warm Up! Today is the day you will run a 5K Run this will be a milestone to set and tell everyone. At what you’ve just accomplish.

Sad to say but everyone reading this won’t make it all the way through and it’s ok because one day they will. For those that do make it all the way through CONGRATULATION!!! You just built a lot of character and shown a lot of character!!!



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