The Journey We want to set out a journey to take 22 new comers  on a journey to special place that we want to go to for everyone to workout together as a whole. We will be traveling via limousine. We want to make sure everyone will enjoy they’re trip even though this is just a bonus in the making. So we made sure to hire the best limo rental company we could find. The company name is Hampton Roads Luxury Limos and they have been talked about quite a bit so we decided we will let them do the honors. In fact, they stated theyRead More →

The workout plan is for 60 total days but you will only workout for 29 days. Lift yourself up because it’s time to get things rolling for March. What we are going to do is create a plan specifically for the runners and it’s going to be a plan to love that you may add into your ritual even after 60 days passes us by. We wanted to make this a special one so what we did was test it ourselves to observe the improvement if you were to actually go out and do this for yourself. YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE YOUR RESULTS!!! WeRead More →

We want to start you guys off on a light jog through this site then we’re going to move into  full on sprint down to a muscular body all the women falling over you as if you were a famous rapper. Sounds like a road you wanna run down right? Work out each body part once a week – I know you probably looking at your phone or the screen like what the hell are they talking about once a week. I need to work out everyday if I want to pass the physical test. I want to let you know you can still pass theRead More →

Welcome to all my new comers I have with us. Pro Balance is going to be the shape shifting site that will get you in tip top shape for that summer body you’re looking for. Be sure to stop by tomorrow for more.Read More →